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Dental Implant: A case of an Implant at the lower front jaw

A young lady had a lower  front tooth exacted a few months ago due to tooth decay and she came to us requesting for a permanent replacement of that missing tooth. She didn’t want a denture as it was a removeable appliance. She wanted something fixed in her mouth but wasn’t a bridge as she believe a bridge would damage her neighbour teeth.

Therefore, a dental implant was suggested to her.


After a few months a dental implant tooth was completed and she was quite happy about her implant now.

Below are the process of:

A simple case of Dental Implant Treatment

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Wisdom Teeth Surgery: Cases That Was Done in Our Clinic

Below are some of the digital radiography images taken for assessment and consultation prior to surgery removal of wisdom teeth in our clinic

The difficulty of the surgery to removal wisdom teeth are relied on a few factors:

  • the position of the wisdom tooth – deep impaction, horizontal impaction would be more difficult than the forward or backward tilt of the wisdom teeth
  • the number of roots – the more root a wisdom tooth has, the more difficult it is going to be
  • the morphology of wisdom teeth – if the crown is big than surgery will be easier, but if the roots are long, slender and curve then it will be more difficult to be removed as compared to short and fat roots
  • near to nearby structure – if the root lies in or very near to the nerve canal in the jaw bone then surgery to remove it has to be very careful not to damage the nerve.
  • Other factors: mouth opening, cooperation, the level of anxiety, age

Vertical Impaction of Lower Wisdom Teeth

* "R" side is the patient's right

Left lower wisdom tooth was in vertical position, 2 separated roots. Surgical difficulty – simple.

Right lower wisdom tooth (red arrow) was tilted backward (distally impaction), with 2 separated roots. The distal root curve 90 degree.  Surgical difficulty – moderate to difficult.

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