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A cases of aesthethic makeover (II) with full porcelain crowns and veneers

  This patient came to our clinic complaint that she had a unpleasant smile. After several discussion and consultation, she agreed to have her teeth make over… After a few visits of treatment this is her final result… Read further on how the make-over was done… …

Clear Bracket System

Features PURE® Patient Aesthetics Pure monocrystalline sapphire for a virtually invisible bracket. PURE® Patient Comfort Each PURE bracket has been diamond and heat polished for an ultra-smooth finish. PURE® Bond Strength Propietary bonding base ensures the PURE brackets stay put until you are ready to remove them. PURE® Contoured Base Bracket base allows for quick […]

Nitrous Oxide Delivery System

Matrx Fraser MDM® Mixer Matrx Fraser MDM® is a unique nitrous oxide/oxygen mechanical mixer which allows easy titration of nitrous oxide levels for quick and effective pain relief. Allows titration with tidal volumes as low as 3.2 lpm Changes to flow rate do not affect the titration level Changes to titration levels do not affect […]

Dental Laser Unit

elexxion [email protected] nano Efficient performance – gentle cutting action – innovative design. That’s what modern diode lasers are all about. The elexxion claros nano is based on the use of superior DPL technology, which opens the way to dozens of soft tissue applications. Painless, efficient and gentle. The patented pulse technology of the elexxion claros nano combines […]

Laser Dentistry – Clinical Application

Dental lasers are now being used in all fields of dental disciplines from oral surgery , restorative dentistry in caries removal and tooth preparation , cosmetic dentistry in soft tissue contouring and osseous crown lengthening to periodontology and endodontics in bacterial decontamination and associated surgical treatments. Most recently, researchers are looking into the application of […]