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Scaling & Polishing

Topics 10 Reasons to Have a Dental Cleaning How Dental Cleaning is done? 1. Ultrasonic Scaler 2. Hand Scalers 3. Polishing Tool 4. Fluoride Is it going to be painful?

Gum Anatomy

Periodontium is the tissue that immediately surrounds and supports the teeth. It consists of alveolar bone, periosteum, periodontal ligament, gingival sulcus, and gingiva; each of these components contributes to stabilizing the tooth within the jaws.

Gum disease – Gingivitis

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gingiva due to bacterial infection that can occur at any age but most frequently arises during adolescence. It is a disease that requires the presence and maturation of bacterial plaque Gingivitis is diagnosed by bleeding and by changes in the colour, contour and consistency of the gingiva. Features include […]

Gum Disease – Periodontitis

After the age of 35, gum disease or periodontitis is the major cause of tooth loss in adults, far more so than tooth decay. In fact, about 80% of tooth loss can be ascribed to periodontal disease in this age group. A lot of time and money could be saved by early detection and treatment […]