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Case 3: Aesthetic Fillings with resin composite

Case 1 This young lady was not happy with the filling done on her left lateral incisor… Can you catch the problem? It was lack of white opaque colour on the surface of the tooth. We add some white opaque over the front surface of her tooth. Now do you see the difference?   …

IPS e-max for all ceramic restoration

Lithium disilicate (LS2) glass-ceramic is ideally suitable for the fabrication of monolithic single-tooth restorations. This innovative ceramic provides highly esthetic results and, compared to other glass-ceramics, demonstrates a strength that is 2.5 to 3 times higher. Supported with zirconium oxide, it may also be used for bridges in the posterior area. The material is used […]

Zirconia – All ceramic restoration

Zirconia Bridge What is zirconia? It is zirconium dioxide ( ZrO2), a white solid used in ceramic glazes and refractory coatings, and as a synthetic substitute for diamonds in jewellery. Zirconium dioxide Zirconium Periodic Table This is a metallic element with the atomic number of 40 and the symbol Zr. Despite the fact that zirconium […]

A case of aesthetic makeover (I) with full porcelain bridge – Replacing missing teeth

A lady came to our clinic complained that she wanted an immediate replacement of her front teeth that were just extracted a week ago due to gum problem. She said that she didn’t dare to go out of her house due to her disfigured appearance. She was sad and embarrassed There reason why she lost […]