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Duo:PCH ™ — Our Cases

Duo:PCH ™ Kit This is the set we have in clinic   It consist of the composite resin bonding part and the porcelain veneer selection part.   The porcelain veneer selection part.   Variety of shape and size for fitting of porcelain veneer to patient month.   The Cerinate ® porcelain veneers.   The bonding […]

Direct Porcelain Veneer — Duo:PCH ™

Duo:PCH ™ Gives More Patients the Choice of a New Smile Not every patient can afford veneers, especially in today’s economy. Until now, there hasn’t been a more affordable solution that you can stand behind clinically. Duo:PCH changes that.   Duo:PCH Porcelain Composite Hybrid is an entirely new esthetics category, combining the convenience of a […]

Happy Chinese Year 2015

Happy Chinese New Year. We will close from 18 Feb (Wed) to  23 Feb (Mon) for this festive season. Business will resume as usual on 24 Feb (Tue).