A cases of aesthethic makeover (I) with full porcelain crowns

Realignment of front upper teeth from this….


to this (below) with full porcelain crown…


How we manage it?

This gentleman came to our dental clinic, wanted to have his teeth realign. He didn’t like his front teeth which looked over-lapping with each other.

Front view
Front view (lips retracted)















Back view

He didn’t want braces as it took him too long; anyway the was a middle-age man.


During examination and consultation, we noticed that two of his front teeth erupted backward while the other two were too outward due to lack of space.


Patient agreed to have all his upper incisors to be corrected with crowns and probably elective root canal treatment was needed along the way.

Wax up Diagnosis

An impression of his teeth were taken and a duplication of his teeth were made on the model.

On the model, all the front teeth were trimmed and build back with wax to create a nice and harmony arrangement










The modified teeth/model were shown to the patient and probably two teeth required elective root canal treatment. (What is root canal treatment? Click here)

Teeth preparation for crown

All the front teeth were grind down according to plan. Root canal treatment were done on two teeth as expected.

Prepared teeth for crowns

The impression of the prepared teeth were taken and to be sent to the lab technician for full porcelain crows construction.

Fabrication of temporary crowns

The temporary crowns were made exactly the same as from the model. A few adjustments were made in the mouth so that they were free from chewing.

Temporary crowns

Colour/shade for the final crowns were taken and the colour should be matching to the surrounding teeth.

Colour/Shade selection

Full porcelain (E-Max) crowns fabrication from lab technician










Cementation of crowns to the prepared front teeth

The crowns were finally cemented using strong coloured resin cement (Virolink II)






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