Some of the Whitening Result with Zoom In-Office Whitening System

Before Bleaching

After Bleaching












In-office whitening procedure using ZOOM whitening system required only one dental appointment and you will have  white, attractive teeth. Below are some of the results with ZOOM whitening

Case 1











Top picture: This patient wasn’t happy because her teeth were generally yellowish. The shade/colour of her teeth was D3

Bottom picture: After whitening, her teeth colour turned to A1

 Case 2










Top picture: Patient teeth shade from B2/B3 turned to B1 after teeth whitening (Top left picture)


Case 3










Top picture: Patient teeth shade from A3/A4 turned to A1 after teeth whitening (Top left picture)

Case 4











Top picture: (Left) The shade of patient’s teeth was A3. (Right) Before whitening treatment, the lips were retracted and the gums were protected with Liquidam so that the whitening agent wouldn’t irritate  the gum.

Bottom picture: The shade was A1/B1 after treatment.


Case 5














Top picture: This youngman didn’t like his teeth because they were yellowish. The colour/shade of his teeth were A3. Bottom picture: Before treatment, the teeth were isolated from the lips and gum.

Bottom picture: After treatment, the teeth turned to A1 colour.


Case 6










Top picture: Another case of teeth whitening where the teeth colour/shade from A3/A2 was whiten to A1/B1


Case 7









Top picture: Teeth whitening where the colour A3.5/A3 was turned to A1/B1


Case 8










Top picture: Teeth whitening where share from A3/B3 to B1


Case 9

Top picture: Original teeth colour was A3 and patient requested to have her teeth whitened










Top picture: (Left) During treatment, whitening gel was syringed to the front surface of the teeth and was activated with high intensity light (Right).

Bottom picture: Final Result !!


Case 10










Top picture: Teeth whitening where teeth share from A2 was changed to B1


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