Duo:PCH ™ Kit

Duo-PCH-DSC_0004 (Large)

This is the set we have in clinic


Duo-PCH-DSC_0006 (Large)

It consist of the composite resin bonding part and the porcelain veneer selection part.


Duo-PCH-DSC_0008 (Large)

The porcelain veneer selection part.


Duo-PCH-DSC_0009 (Large)

Variety of shape and size for fitting of porcelain veneer to patient month.



The Cerinate ® porcelain veneers.


Duo-PCH-DSC_0007 (Large)

The bonding part of Duo:PCH ™ with multiple shade/colour selection.



Our first case with Duo:PCH ™

Duo-PCH-DSC_0089 (Large)

This young lady complaint about her teeth discolouration due to tetracycline staining.


Duo-PCH-DSC_0091 (Large)

Six veneers were placed over the front surface of the incisors and canine.


Duo-PCH-DSC_0092 (Large)

End result… The lip at rest and smiling.

Duo-PCH-DSC_0093 (Large)

Case done by:


 Azelia LauYiling

Dental Surgeon BDS (Niz)


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