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Kids Dentistry

First Visit It is recommended that every child has an introductory dental visit within 6 months of eruption of their first tooth. As parents, you might think this is too early- even more so when there is no “problem” with your child’s teeth yet. However, starting dental visits early has many advantages: We can assess […]

eCligner® — Invisible braces

The Invisible Way to Get Visibly Beautiful Teeth A product from Korea « Setting new perspectives for the future » The eCligner® aligner technology sets a new benchmark in modern orthodontics and enjoys widespread popularity amongst orthodontists, general dentists and patients. It offers many new and exciting possibilities to dentists and patients alike to correct […]

Resin Composite Build-up on a Fracture Tooth

This young girl  had an  accident at home, causing two-third of her crown fractured and worse of all, the pulp of the tooth exposed. We did an emergency root treatment over the tooth to reduce her pain and later on, build back the tooth (below)… So, now she can smile confidently and pain free.   […]

Children’s Primary Teeth

Primary teeth or Deciduous teeth, otherwise known as reborner teeth, baby teeth, temporary teeth and primary teeth, are the first set of teeth in the growth development of humans and many other mammals. In some Asian countries they are referred to as fall teeth as they will eventually fall out, while in almost all European […]

Bleeding Gums During Pregnancy

  Topics What is Gingivitis? What is Pregnancy Gingivitis? Causes of Gum Disease in Pregnancy Symptoms of Pregnancy Gingivitis Complications of Pregnancy Gingivitis Treating Gingivitis in Pregnancy Prevention Some ladies may feel that their gums are uncomfortable than usual during pregnancy. Their gums are sore or tender, or if they bleed when brushing or flossing, […]