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Valplast® Flexible Partials

Valplast® is a type of flexible, nylon resin that is developed for the use in flexible removable denture. Valplast®  Flexible Partials were invented in the early 1950’s as an alternative to traditional metal and acrylic removable partial dentures (RPD’s). By using a flexible nylon base, Valplast®  eliminates the need for metal frameworks or acrylic resins […]

Scaling & Polishing

Topics 10 Reasons to Have a Dental Cleaning How Dental Cleaning is done? 1. Ultrasonic Scaler 2. Hand Scalers 3. Polishing Tool 4. Fluoride Is it going to be painful?

Resin Composite Build-up on a Fracture Tooth

This young girl  had an  accident at home, causing two-third of her crown fractured and worse of all, the pulp of the tooth exposed. We did an emergency root treatment over the tooth to reduce her pain and later on, build back the tooth (below)… So, now she can smile confidently and pain free.   […]

Cases of Restoration with Composite Resin

Front Aesthetic Fillings with Composite Resin Case 01 The upper right central  incisor was chipped due to fall (above) and it was repaired with composite resin (below)

Oral Health Matters

Why it is important? Improper oral hygiene leads to plaque build-up Plaque formation can lead to gingivitis, an early form of gum disease If left untreated, gingivitis can progress to periodontitis, a more severe form of gum disease Recent evidence indicates that periodontitis is associated with certain medical conditions That is why it is important […]

Orthodontic Consultation

Prestige Dental Care Topics Consultation Examination Other Investigation Diagnosis Treatment Other Options Warnings Financial Arrangements Consultation A consultation for braces by dentist/orthodontist is a necessary to determine the need for braces, to size the braces and decide on various other factors concerning the impending braces. The consultation will last about a half an hour and […]

Dental Bridge

Prestige Dental Care Topics Problems with missing teeth What is a dental bridge? Anatomy of a dental bridge Composition of a bridge Types of dental bridge How bridge is fitted Cases done in our clinic Maintenance of dental bridge How Long do Bridges Last? Problems with missing teeth Most people want a gap in their mouth […]

Resin (Composite) Veneer

      Resin Veneers or better know as composite veneers are thin shells of tooth-colored, translucent filling, custom made to fit over teeth and improve their color, shape and overall appearance. Placement of composite veneers can dramatically improve your smile and appearance. Composite veneer technique Courtesy of Dr Markus Lenhard, Heidelberg, Germany *Video: "<em>an […]

Children Dental Treatment

Coming Soon (Children Dental Treatment)


    Basically, denture (false teeth) is prosthesis device to replace missing teeth. The denture is supported by the surround soft and hard tissue. It is the most economical and easy-to-make prosthesis. Denture can be further divided into complete denture (denture to replace all missing teeth) or partial denture (denture to replace a few missing teeth) Beside […]