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Gum Disease – Periodontitis

After the age of 35, gum disease or periodontitis is the major cause of tooth loss in adults, far more so than tooth decay. In fact, about 80% of tooth loss can be ascribed to periodontal disease in this age group. A lot of time and money could be saved by early detection and treatment […]

Wisdom Teeth Surgery: Cases That Was Done in Our Clinic

Below are some of the digital radiography images taken for assessment and consultation prior to surgery removal of wisdom teeth in our clinic The difficulty of the surgery to removal wisdom teeth are relied on a few factors: the position of the wisdom tooth – deep impaction, horizontal impaction would be more difficult than the […]

Teeth Discolouration

Prestige Dental Care Topics Tooth Colour Tooth Discolouration Extrinsic Causes Intrinsic Causes Tooth Colour Tooth color is determined by a combination of phenomena associated with optical properties and light. Essentially, tooth color is determined by the color of dentin and by intrinsic and extrinsic colorations. Intrinsic color is determined by the optical properties of enamel […]

Complications of Dental Extraction

Complications of dental extraction Infection: Although rare, it does occur. The dentist may opt to prescribe antibiotics pre- and/or post-operatively if they determine the patient to be at risk. Prolonged bleeding: The dentist has a variety of means at their disposal to address bleeding; however, it is important to note that small amounts of blood […]

Multiple Dental Extractions

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Minor Oral Surgery

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What is Electrosurgery? Electrosurgery is the application of a high-frequency electric current to biological tissue as a means to cut, coagulate, desiccate, or fulgurate tissue. (These terms are used in specific ways for this methodology—see below). Its benefits include the ability to make precise cuts with limited blood loss. Electrosurgical devices are frequently used during […]


In Malaysia, 2 persons are diagnosed with oral cancer every day where 75% seek treatment at the later stages and only half of them survives. According to the National Cancer Registry, Ministry of Health, mouth cancer is the third most common cancer among Malaysian Indian community. If cancer is detected earlier, the treatment outcome is […]

Complex (Surgical) Extraction

Prestige Dental Care Complex Extraction Unfortunately, not all extractions can be done by simply grasping the tooth with forceps and rocking it out.  What if there is nothing left above the gum line to grasp? Or what if the crown breaks off leaving the roots still in the bone? These things can and do happen, […]

Dental Extraction

Prestige Dental Care Topics Introduction Reasons for Extraction Types of Extraction Simple Extraction What can I Expect After an Extraction? Instructions after tooth extraction Introduction Generally, dentists do everything within their power to preserve your natural teeth. However, in cases of advance caries or periodontitis, a tooth may have to be extracted. Teeth may also […]