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If you are thinking of straightening out your teeth but not looking forward to having fixed metal braces on your teeth, we can help you achieve that with Invisalign at Prestige Dental Care! Invisalign is a set of custom-fitted aligners that fit over your teeth that slowly pull all your teeth into alignment. With Invisalign, […]

Interceptive orthodontics

What is interceptive orthodontics? In interceptive orthodontics , we identify and treat crooked teeth as soon as they are detected. According to the American Academy of Orthodontics, all children should have an orthodontic assessment no later than 7 years old. How is interceptive orthodontics done? Every child’s condition is different and treatment will be different […]

MBrace® aligners

MBrace Clear Aligners   What is Mbrace®? MBrace is a clear aligner used to correct misaligned teeth with ease and comfort. It is clear and removable which makes it almost unnoticeable by others and convenient to use. The aligners are custom-made digitally and fabricated individually to ensure a perfect and accurate fit for your teeth. […]

Orthodontic: A case with fix appliance 04

A young lady came to our clinic complaint that her smile was not nice as the lateral incisors were hid behind her lower teeth :   Patient smiling — ‘missing’ lateral incisor   We suggest her to wear braces. Three years after braces and here is the result:   Before Before After After  

Damon System

What makes the Damon System different?   Fast treatment time Outstanding comfort Extraordinary results

eCligner® — Invisible braces

The Invisible Way to Get Visibly Beautiful Teeth A product from Korea « Setting new perspectives for the future » The eCligner® aligner technology sets a new benchmark in modern orthodontics and enjoys widespread popularity amongst orthodontists, general dentists and patients. It offers many new and exciting possibilities to dentists and patients alike to correct […]

Clear Bracket System

Features PURE® Patient Aesthetics Pure monocrystalline sapphire for a virtually invisible bracket. PURE® Patient Comfort Each PURE bracket has been diamond and heat polished for an ultra-smooth finish. PURE® Bond Strength Propietary bonding base ensures the PURE brackets stay put until you are ready to remove them. PURE® Contoured Base Bracket base allows for quick […]

Orthodontic: A case with fix appliance 03

  A young lady came to our clinic complaint of her teeth were crooked and her front teeth were jerking out (below).  She wanted to have them corrected. We suggested to her that braces would be the best treatment option. She went through orthodontic treatment for 1 years and finally, all her teeth were well […]

Orthodontic: A case with fix appliance 02

A case of mal-alignment of teeth treated with fix appliance 16 months after orthodontic treatment (below)….  

Orthodontic: A case with fix appliance 01

A case of mal-alignment of teeth treated with fix appliance 18 months after orthodontic treatment (below)….