Why we need regular dental check-up?

Regular Check-up

It is important to go to a DENTIST regularly for dental check-up… Even though without any problem or PAIN!! Why??

Basic Examination Tools

The answers are simple:

1. To have your teeth cleaned (or scaling)
To remove all the tartar that stick all around your teeth. (Brushing alone without scaling is not enough. You require professional help!!).

Scaling Treatment

If not, your teeth will end up like these.

Tartar on the surface of the teeth

The tartar that attach to your teeth surface will lead to gum inflammation (gingivitis) and later; gum recession and bone resorption (periodontitis). Then finally… teeth become shaky (mobile) and drop out by themselves!! – too late!!

2. To have your teeth checked
Almost all tooth decay started without any symptom (e.g. pain, sensitive). It takes about a year to grow significantly big. And treatment for SMALL DECAY is very simple – SMALL FILLING which is cheaper, painless and lasting.

However, when the tooth decay is too big (usually it gives you sensitive, pain or disturb your sleep), then the approach is different. The tooth might required large filling – uhh! (expensive, painful, required injection) or maybe root canal treatment followed by a crown (because the pulp is infected) or maybe extraction!!

Large  tooth decays

So, go to your dentist 6 monthly or twice a year!! or when you receive our recall postcard.

Please make an appointment with us for scaling and dental check-up if you don’t want to end up like her…

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