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Map (Specialist Dental Clinic)
C8-03 (Block C8 Level 3),
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
tel.png +6(03) 5886 2687
whatsapp.png WhatsApp: +6(013) 222 9813
wechat2.pngWeChat ID: prestigedentalcare
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Map (General Dental Clinic)
22A-1 (First Floor), Jalan Puteri 1/4,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
tel.png +6(03) 8060 3389
tel.png +6(03) 8066 6389
whatsapp.pngWhatsApp: +6(013) 394 3389
wechat2.pngWeChat ID: prestigedental
How to reach us
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Our Equipment

X-Ray Room

We have a separate room for radiograph taking which is insulated for x-ray exposure. Safety while handling the equipment is our main priority. Our customers are protected during x-ray exposure. Our X-ray room is equipped with intra-oral x-ray unit, digital dental panoromic tomogram (OPG) and digital cephalometry x-ray unit.

Cone Beam CT (3D imaging)

Cone Beam CT (CBCT) is an X-ray based imaging technique that, like a conventional medical CT scan, provides fast and accurate visualisation of bony anatomical structures in three dimensions. In another words, CBCT produces a 3-dimensional images of your teeth and jaws. (This unit is only available in the SetiaWalk Branch)

Digital dental panoramic tomogram (OPG) x-ray unit

OPG X-ray unit is an advance radiography technology which enables the clinician to see the whole upper and lower jaw of a patient. With this radiograph, the clinician can detect any pathological lesion in the dental area, the jaw bone, jaw joing (TMJ), the nasal and maxillary sinuses as well as plan treatment for implant placement.

Digital Cephalometry x-ray unit

Cephalomeric radiograph is mainly used by orthodontist to study relationships between bony and soft tissue landmarks of the face and can be used to diagnose facial growth abnormalities prior to treatment.

Digital Intra-oral x-ray unit

This unit allows us to take a radiograph of a particular tooth or section of teeth. This x-ray unit is useful in detecting caries, making diagnosis of pathological changes around the tip of the root, fractured teeth, absent or unerupted teeth, abnormal morphology of the tooth, and is useful in assessing and guiding the dentist during root canal treatment.

Dental Laser - The future in dental technology

Laser therapy means state-of-the-art dentistry and modern patient care all in one. Due to the number of advantages, a dental laser should now be a standard feature of a modern dental practice.It offer a tremendous advantage and flexibility in dental and cosmetic procedures.

Nitrous Oxide Delivery System - The equipment you need to have a pleasant visit to the dentist.

Nitrous oxide is a safe and effective sedative gas that is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a small mask that fits over your nose to help you relax during dental treatment.

Intra-oral Camera - To see the area that we can't see

This is a small camera used to capture videos and images of the teeth and soft tissue in the mouth right on the LCD screen. It definitely makes diagnosis easier as the hardest areas to be seen with the naked eye can be capture alive on the screen!

Air Polishing - Advanced technology in teeth cleaning

Scaling and polishing itself does not effectively remove staining which arises from smoking, or drinking coffee or tea. With air polishing, stains can be effectively removed by blasting sodium bicarbonate, water and air to the tooth surface. A gentle jet stream removes the stains through light abrasion. Air polishing is used after scaling.

Electrosurgery - The bloodless way to do a surgery

Electrosurgery is a surgical unit involved in introducing high frequency current to a specific areas of the oral soft tissue in order to remove unwanted tissue, seal off blood vessels, or to create a surgical incision. This results in minimal bleeding pain during and after surgery. It is useful in gum procedures and minor oral surgeries.

Apex Locator - Increase accuracy in root canal treatment

It is a very useful electronic device to check and determine the length of the tooth during root canal therapy. It helps to reduce the amount of x-ray exposure needed during treatment while ensuring that the cleaning of the root is done properly.

Semi-adjustable articulator - A way to duplicate our jaw movements

An articulator is a mechanical device used in dentistry to which casts of the upper and lower teeth are fixed in order to reproduce recorded positions of the mandible (lower jaw) in relation to the maxilla (upper jaw).

It is a complex articulator which almost imitates the anatomy of the TM joint (the joint of the lower jaw with the skull) and follows the movement of this condyle. Therefore, it can be used in the fabrication of complex crowns, long span bridges and full mouth rehabilitation. This articulator is also used in jaw surgery (orthognathic) planning.

By nature, this sort of articulator's use is only meaningful if the position of the maxillae is duplicated with respect to the skull. Normally this is achieved by the use of a face-bow.

Digital SLR Camera - A picture says a thousand words

A camera is an essential equipment to document findings, treatment planning as well as end results of planned treatments. It allows patients to see and compare their teeth before and after treatment. Every picture shown in this website is taken with our digital SLR camera!!