Orthodontic: A case with fix appliance 03


A young lady came to our clinic complaint of her teeth were crooked and her front teeth were jerking out (below).  She wanted to have them corrected.

We suggested to her that braces would be the best treatment option.

She went through orthodontic treatment for 1 years and finally, all her teeth were well aligned (below) and she has the confident to smile again!!

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Oct 2011 – Orthodontic treatment  started after all her first premolar were removed


Nov 2011 – Niti wire was used to level all her teeth


04, February 2012 – The left l upper front tooth moved down and backward while the lower left canine moved back into its correct position


25, February 2012


April 2012 – SS wire was used to replace the NiTi wire


May 2012


June 2012


July 2012 – Power-chain was used to close the gaps between her teeth


Sept 2012 – Final adjustment


Nov 2o12 – Braces were removed and the teeth were cleaned

Final Result!! Happy smiling teeth!

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