Cases of Restoration with Composite Resin

Front Aesthetic Fillings with Composite Resin

Case 01

The upper right central  incisor was chipped due to fall (above) and it was repaired with composite resin (below)

Case 02

Another case where the old filling on the upper left central incisor dislodged (above). The defect was repaired with white filling (below).


Case 03

This is a case of a teenage girl fell down while playing game (above). She sustained fracture at her front teeth which were restored with white fillings (below).


Case 04

This is a middle-age man presented with dislodged old filling on his upper left central incisor (above).  The cavity as well as the old filling on the other side of the same tooth were restored with composite resin (below).


Case 05

Another case of old composite fillings were loosening on the front teeth (above).

The old fillings were remove and the cavities on both teeth were prepared for placement of new filling (above). The result of the new restoration as shown below.


Case 06

This young man didn’t like his appearance much as he complained of spacing between his front teeth (above). He also complained that his right lateral incisor looked small and conical shape. He wanted treatment that was simple and cheap to close all the gaps as well as correcting his right lateral incisor (above).

Composite resin was suggested to close the gaps. Treatment to close the gaps in-between of his front teeth and correcting of his peg shape lateral incisor took 2 hour to complete (above & below).


Back Aesthetic Fillings with Composite Resin

Case 01

A case of large cavity on the lower right molar (above) which was restored with composite filling (below).


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