Orthodontic: A case with fix appliance 02

A case of mal-alignment of teeth treated with fix appliance


16 months after orthodontic treatment (below)….



A 20 years-old Chinese male requested for orthodontic treatment.  He complained of his upper left canine erupted bucally (near the gum area) and mal-alignment of the rest of the teeth.

Orthodontic treated started in March, 2010…Scaling, dental fillings, one first premolar was extracted and wisdom teeth surgery removal were done prior to braces placement.

Below were the chronology of braces treatment during 16 months

March 2010: Brackets were placed on all the teeth except upper left lateral incisor due to its position

June 2010: The upper left canine was pulled down to its empty space below. It was time to pull the upper left lateral incisor out.

July 2010: The arch wire was changed to a bigger diameter

August 2010: Rectangular Nikel-titanium wire used to further align the teeth

September 2010: Power chain was used to close all space

January 2011

February 2011

April 2011

May 2011: All the teeth almost well aligned, it was almost time for braces removal.

June 2011: Case completed!!


Before and After Braces Treatment


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